About Nora's Daycare

Staff Credentials and Training

I have been providing child care services in the Lansing, MI area since October 1995

Nora is the primary childcare provider. Eddie is an assistant provider.

Program Design

It is my philosophy that childcare should be a second home to the children.
I strive to provide the security and love they are provided at home.
I provide a nurturing, playful and educational atmosphere that encourages children to be themselves and try their best.
I provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development as a whole.
My curriculum includes, but is not limited to, sharing and conversation time, stories, songs, creative arts and crafts; games,

    outdoor play, free time; exposure to shapes, colors, numbers, and letters, computer learning and play; and celebrations of birthdays and holidays.
I also promote a Christian environment.
We celebrate Christian holidays in our home.
Prayer is allowed at mealtime for those children wishing to participate.
We use a simple Thank you God for this food, Amen




All parents must sign a contract for child care, and all State required forms must be filled out.